About Us


The Midwest Public Safety Diving Association, Inc. was founded with the purpose to:

This association will act as a Midwest based resource for public safety dive teams and their members where they can access current policies and procedures and find up-to-date training guides.  In addition, this association will develop and recommend minimum public safety diving standards based on OSHA, NFPA, Recognized Public Safety SCUBA Agencies and other applicable public safety training standards. 


The Midwest Public Safety Divers Association was organized under Wisconsin State law.  The Association has been recognized as a Board of Trade by the IRS and is a 501(c)(6) tax exempt organization.

The Association will have a Board of Directors made up of public safety diving professionals who are knowledgeable, experienced and active in public safety diving operations.  They will have up-to-date training regarding standards and effective search and recovery procedures.

The Association oversees an annual conference where public safety diving professionals are able to attend and participate in case reviews, training exercises, manufacturer equipment demonstrations and lectures from industry leaders and professionals.

The Association maintains this site as an internet based source of information where members are able to access policies, procedures, standards, educational articles as well as support for their teams from the Association's Board of Directors and its Membership.

This Association is open to any  active or retired public safety dive team professionals who are in good standing with their agency or department.